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PowerXL Cordless Iron and Steamer Deluxe

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Smooth, beautifully finished garments without the barrier of a cord. Enjoy ease of use, versatility, and freedom of movement from the lightweight, high-performance Cordless Iron and Steamer by PowerXL. Polished nonstick ceramic soleplate with ionic technology protects delicate fabrics with an extra-smooth glide while the precision tip gives you pinpoint accuracy for hard-to-iron spots like in between buttons and narrow seams. Iron locks into base and reheats to full heat while you reposition clothing. Includes water refill cup.


  • Water Jug
  • Base Unit


  • Water Jug
  • Base Unit
  • Iron Pad
More Information
Style Without Pad
Model ES2416S_05
Capacity 370 mL water tank
Power 1500W
Product Dimensions 12.6” (H) x 6” (W) x 8”(D)
Power Cord Length 96"
Soleplate Ceramic with Ion Coating
Weight 3.7 lb.

1. Why is my iron not heating up?
The iron must be set on the base and the base plugged in. The iron has a temperature light that should illuminate when you set the iron on the base and the iron is heating up. Once the iron has reached the set temperature, the Temperature Indicator light will turn off.

2. What is the right temperature for my clothes?
It is essential to select the right ironing temperature. The thermostat dial contains international markers with dots corresponding to three ironing temperatures. Use the marker with 1 dot for synthetic fabrics. Use the marker with 2 dots for wool and fabric. Use the marker with 3 dots for cotton and linen.

3. Why did my iron smoke on the first use?
When heating your iron for the first time, you may notice a small amount of odor and smoke. This is a harmless residue from the manufacturing process that will quickly burn off and disappear.

4. Can I fill the iron with water when it is plugged in?
No, you must always unplug the iron before filling it.

5. Why is my iron leaking from the soleplate when I fill it?
Always set your iron to the “No Steam”  function before you start to fill.

6. Why is my Iron dripping when I use it?
There are a few reasons this may happen:

  • The temperature setting is not correct for steaming. Is the temperature set to the 2 (silk/wool) or 3 (cotton/linen) steam cloud setting? If you use the steam blast on a non-steam setting, the iron is not hot enough to produce steam.
  • The temperature setting is on a steam setting but you have pressed the steam blast button too many times, too quickly and water has built up on the back of the soleplate and cannot turn to steam. Do not press the steam blast too many times, too quickly. The soleplate has to be hot enough to create steam. Be careful as the dripping water can be hot.

7. How do I prevent water drips on my fabric?
Do not use the Steam Blast Trigger intensively. Wait a few seconds between each use. The temperature button must be placed within the Steam range (between 2 dots and MAX). Use steam only when the iron is hot (the light must be off).

8. Can the iron be used while heating up on the base?
Yes. Please lock the iron into the base before using and follow the instructions before pouring water into the Water Tank.

9. Can I use my steam iron for dry ironing?
Yes, and you do not need to fill the tank with water. Set the Steam Selector to off and set the temperature to suit the type of material. Once the iron has cooled down at the end of an ironing session, wipe the soleplate and around the steam holes to remove any burned fibers that may have collected around the steam holes.

10. What is the vertical steam function used for? How do I use it?
This function allows you to iron fabrics on a hanger. Set the iron temperature to the maximum position. Leave the item on a hanger and gently pull the fabric with one hand. Press the Steam Blast Trigger repeatedly and move the iron from top to bottom. NOTE: Never use the vertical steam function on an item being worn by anyone.

11. Why is the base blinking and the iron is not warm and won’t heat up?
The iron has an automatic shut-off. If the iron sits on the base idle for 30 mins, the unit will shut off. To reactivate, lock the iron to the base, pick it up and turn horizontally and then vertically. The iron will reheat in 8 seconds.

12. How can I avoid scratching the soleplate of my iron?
To avoid damaging the soleplate, always place your iron on the heel rest of its base, avoid ironing over abrasive items (buttons, zippers, etc.), and never clean your iron’s soleplate with abrasive or metallic pads.

13. What should I do to maintain my iron correctly?
After use, empty the tank, close the steam control, set the thermostat to minimum, and stand the iron upright or place it on the base. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe your iron and never use cleaners or solvents.

14. What water should I use in the iron? Use tap water to fill the Water Tank. In hard water areas, you can use a mixture of 50% tap water and 50% distilled or demineralized water. Do not use chemical additives, scented substances, or decalcifiers in the water

15. What is the time frame for the Money Back Guarantee?
The PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer is covered by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Some instruction manuals may state we offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, but this is incorrect. We apologize for the misprint.

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