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PowerXL Air Fryer Pro XR (12 Qt.)

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From the #1 best-selling brand of air fryers in the United States,* the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro XR is a high-performance air fryer and rotisserie multi-cooker that gives you your favorite crispy, golden fried meals with up to 70% fewer calories from fat. Enjoy golden crisp air frying, savory rotisserie, an at-home food dehydrator, and more – all in one easy-to-use and easy-to-clean countertop appliance. Air fry extra crispy chicken fingers; air fry rotisserie for savory pork roast, mouthwatering turkey breast, or authentic kebabs; and you can even use the food dehydrator to make healthy dehydrated vegetables, herbs, fruit, beef jerky, and more – with no added sugar or preservatives. Your food cooks on both the top and the bottom for that great crispy-fried taste and texture – without all the fat and calories!


*Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service


  • 3 Crisper Trays
  • Drip Pan
  • Rotisserie Set
  • PowerXL Air Fryer Oven Book

  • America's #1 Fried Food Favorites Recipe Book
  • Rotisserie Mastery Recipe Book
  • Dehydration Creations Recipe Book
  • Grocery Coupon Insert
More Information
Model GLA-1001
Capacity 12 qt.
Preprogrammed Settings 9 Cooking Presets
Power 1700W

How long is the power cord?
The power cord is approximately 44″ long on all models. It is within the UL requirement. Do not use an extension cord with the power cord.

Can I adjust the cooking time manually?
Yes! You can manually program the air fryer to your chosen time and temperature.

Does the air fryer include rotisserie accessories?  
Yes! There’s a pro-grade rotisserie built right into the air fryer.

Where can I find instructions on how to insert the rotisserie shaft/forks?
We’ve put together a how-to video to help you assemble, insert, and remove the Rotisserie Shaft and Forks. Click here to watch.

Can I put frozen foods in the air fryer without defrosting them first? 
Yes! You do not have to allow frozen foods to thaw before cooking in the air fryer.

Can I check my meals during the cooking process? 
The Rotating Mesh Basket can be removed at any time during cooking. If you wish, you may flip food on the Air Flow Racks to help ensure even cooking. The air fryer will resume its previously programmed cooking cycle.

Is it possible to shut off the unit at any time?
Yes! Simply press the Power Button once. Opening the door pauses the cooking cycle.

Why is the air fryer useful?
The air fryer was designed as an all-in-one multi-use kitchen powerhouse. Not only can you fry food using super-heated air with little to no oil, you can cook tender, delicious rotisserie chicken, kebabs, and more or dehydrate your favorite meats, fruits, and veggies. You get the mouthwatering meals you love in just minutes without added oil or expensive restaurant bills. With very little clean-up time!

How do I dehydrate in the air fryer?
The air fryer is designed with a pro-grade, built-in Dehydrator. You can easily dehydrate your favorite fresh meats, fruits, and veggies with no added sugar right at home on any or all of the three included Air Flow Racks. See the Owner’s Manual for specific instructions.

Is the door supposed to come off?
Yes! The door is designed to detach for effortless clean-up.

How do I clean my air fryer?
Be sure the air fryer is unplugged and has cooled completely. Clean the inner wall and heating element with a small amount of non-abrasive soap and a nonmetallic sponge. The heating element is not dishwasher safe. Reminder: Follow the same instructions when washing the door. Do not put the door in the dishwasher or submerge in water.

Where is the vent located on the air fryer?
The vent is located in the back of the unit. Remember to leave sufficient space between the vent and any adjacent surface that may block airflow such as a wall.

Can I make kebabs in the air fryer?
Yes! The air fryer is designed with a pro-grade Rotisserie Function that includes Stainless Skewers. Rotisserie an entire chicken to tender, crisp perfection or make juicy, authentic kebabs right in your own kitchen.

Do I have to use oil? 
It is not necessary to use oil to air fry. The air fryer cooks food with super-heated air instead of oil. You may spray or coat your food with oil as desired for added flavor. Do not pour oil directly into the unit.

Is the Air Fryer dishwasher safe? 
The Air Flow Racks and Stainless Skewers are dishwasher safe. All other components may be washed with a small amount of non-abrasive soap and a nonmetallic sponge.

Can I make more than one type of food at once?
Absolutely! The air fryer is designed with 3 levels of Air Flow Racks.

Do I need to preheat the air fryer?
You don’t have to wait for the unit to heat up and there’s is no lengthy preheating process. If cooking from a cold start, we recommend adding three minutes to your cooking time to compensate.

Is the Square fry basket available?
The square fry basket is sold as a standalone item. It is not included in the standard package or as an item in the accessory kit package.

Should I place the unit on the stovetop?
Do not place your appliance on a cooktop, even if the cooktop is cool, because you could accidentally turn the cooktop on, causing a fire, damaging the appliance, your cooktop, and your home.

Countertop Advice
Before using your new appliance on any countertop surface, check with your countertop manufacturer or installer for recommendations about using appliances on your surfaces. Some manufacturers and installers may recommend protecting your surface by placing a hot pad or trivet under the appliance for heat protection. Your manufacturer or installer may recommend that hot pans, pots, or electrical appliances should not be used directly on top of the countertop. If you are unsure, place a trivet or hot pad under the appliance before using it.

What does the light on the upper left of the unit mean?
The blinking light indicates when the unit is pre-heating and when it has reached temperature.  As the unit is pre-heating, the light will blink.  When the unit reaches temperature, the light will stop blinking and stay illuminated  The light will alternate between blinking and solid illumination throughout the cooking cycle as the unit continues to maintain the set temperature of the unit.

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