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PowerXL Indoor Grill

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2-in-1 indoor grill and griddle with reversable nonstick grill plate. Just flip the grill surface over and enjoy a multi-purpose nonstick griddle for perfect pancakes, eggs, paninis, and more. Use the grill plate for perfect, even grilling & searing indoors on a premium die-cast aluminum surface. You get the same delicious char-grilled taste and flavor with gorgeous grill marks plus added versatility of a chef-style griddle right on your countertop.


  • Grill & Griddle Recipe Book
More Information
Model HRG2100
Power 1500W
Dishwasher-Safe Parts Yes

What can I use the PowerXL Indoor Grill & Griddle for?

Grill steaks, ribs, fish, veggies & so much more on the grill plate with flavorful char-grill marks. Use the griddle plate for perfect pancakes, crepes, eggs, and paninis. 


Is this a reversable grill / griddle?

Yes! You get both an indoor grill and a griddle in one easy-to-use compact countertop design. Simply flip the grill plate over to use the multi-purpose griddle surface.

Are the cooking surfaces nonstick?

Yes, both the grill and griddle plates are coated with advanced nonstick coating.


How do you recommend I was the components?

Wash the grill / griddle plate, drip tray, and base with a soft sponge and warm, soapy water. Do not use a steel wool pad or other abrasive cleaning tool as this can damage the nonstick surface of the grill / griddle plate. These components can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.


When should I preheat the PowerXL Indoor Grill & Griddle?

Always preheat the PowerXL Indoor Grill & Griddle before use.


Do you have any tips for use?

After cooking, always let the PowerXL Indoor Grill & Griddle cool for approximately 30 minutes before handling, cleaning, or storing.