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PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer Plus

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The PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer Plus is the high-extraction centrifugal juicer that practically cleans itself. Now, it’s easier than ever to enjoy delicious, healthy raw juice every single day using your favorite fruits and vegetables. Premium two-speed extraction technology with stainless steel blade extracts more juice and vital micronutrients from both hard and soft foods for optimal vitamin absorption. Extra-large feeder with expanded capacity accommodates most fruits and vegetables. Removable, non-drip spout helps keep your countertops clean.

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Model SHL90
Capacity Juice Cup: 27.05 fl oz, Pulp Collection: 2.1 quarts
Power 1000 Watts
Dishwasher-Safe Parts Yes
Product Dimensions 12.6” (D) x 8.7” (W) x 16.9” (H)
Power Cord Length 47"
Weight 9.3 lb

What is the wattage?
1000 watts.

How does the Self-Cleaning Function work?
Use the Self-Cleaning Function after you have completed juicing or when you want to switch the flavor of your juice with minimal cleaning in between. To use the Self-Cleaning Function:

  1. Fill a container with at least 1 cup of water. Press the Self-Cleaning button.
  2. Pour water into the Chute while lightly pressing down on the Self-Cleaning button at least 3 times. Note: The Self-Cleaning button does not need to be pressed hard, just enough to engage the brush and screen.
  3. The cleaning brush will remove the leftover pulp from the screen.
  4. If you plan on using the pulp, remove the pulp from the pulp collector before using the Self-Cleaning function.
  5. After you are done using the juicer, take it apart, and clean the components.

CLEANING TIP: The cleaning brush moves up and down to clean. Pulp can get caught where the brush slides up into its resting place. When hand washing the Juicer, press down on the Self-Cleaning button and be sure to clean around the brush.

What is the time frame for the Money-Back Guarantee?
The PowerXL Self-Cleaning Juicer is covered by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Some instruction manuals may state we offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, but this is incorrect. We apologize for the misprint.

How do I remove the filter?
To remove the filter, pull it up and off the power base. The filter will detach easily.

The Juicer isn’t juicing. What can I do to fix this?
Check to see if the Self-Cleaning button is pressed accidentally. Make sure the locking bar is in place.

Do you sell replacement parts or accessories?
Yes, the blade/filter, pulp collector, lid & pulp guard, receptacle, and pusher are available for purchase.

The spout drips juice after I am done juicing. What can I do to fix this?
Turn the spout face up to prevent drips. Make sure the spout is facing toward the receptacle when juicing or using the Self-Cleaning Function.

What is the best way to clean the filter?
To clean the filter, use a soft bristle brush to lightly brush any leftover pulp from the screen while running water over the filter.

Why is my Juicer clogged?
This may happen for a number of reasons:
1. If the fruit you are using is overripe.
2. If there is too much pulp in the filter. Turn the machine off, unplug it, then clean the filter.
3. If you are using fruits such as bananas or avocado. These fruits cannot be juiced in the Power Juicer. Add them separately to a blender for smoothies.
4. The spout may be blocked by a piece of pulp that may have passed through the filter causing the juice to collect in the receptacle and overflow. Turn the machine off, unplug it, wait for the blade to stop spinning, and inspect the spout. Clear the blockage so the juice can flow freely.

Can I put the whole fruit in the Juicer?
Yes, as long as it fits in the chute and does not have large pits or hard skins. We recommend juicing produce the way you would normally consume it with the exception of cooking. Before juicing any produce it is important to wash it thoroughly to remove dirt and pesticides.

Can I put whole fruits with large pits in the Power Juicer?
No, remove large pits such as mango, peach, etc., as they will damage the blade and possibly the unit.

Can I put all components in the dishwasher?
All components are dishwasher safe with the exception of the motor housing.

 How can I make smoothies if milk, yogurt, ice, or bananas cannot be added to the Juicer?
The Juicer does not make smoothies, only fresh juice for smoothies. Add the fresh juicer with the smoothie ingredients separately into a blender.

Can I juice Ginger?

Ginger is very fibrous so care must be taken when juicing it. it is best to peel it and cut it into small, ½” or fewer pieces. Do not place large quantities of ginger into the chute at the same time. Clean the filter often when juicing large quantities of ginger.

Can I use wheatgrass in my Juicer?
Yes, it works best if you roll it up in something leafy such as spinach, and follow with something juicy such as pineapple. If you choose to juice wheatgrass alone just roll it up and insert it

 Can I use cherries whole in my Juicer?
No, remove the pits prior to juicing. A quick, easy way to do this is by using a cherry pitter.

Can I use grapes with seeds and stems?
Yes, we recommend you wash them thoroughly prior to juicing.

Can I put a rind of the melon in the Juicer?
Yes. This is a personal preference. We recommend you wash them thoroughly prior to juicing

Can my Juicer be used as a food processor? Is there a special attachment I need?
No, it is not a food processor and there is no attachment that turns the Juicer into a food processor. However, the Juicer leaves behind pulp from the fruits and vegetables that are used to cook with or freeze to make delicious frozen treats. Use the pulp to make healthy sauces, salsas, dips, muffins, and more.

Why won’t the power turn on?
First, check that the switch is in the on position. Then, check that all parts are assembled properly. The unit has a built-in safety device that will not let the motor turn on if not assembled properly. The Power Juicer also has a built-in Thermal Cut Off Safety Switch. If the machine was running, then shut down due to accidental overheating, then there is a 10 minute cooling time before the machine will restart. This helps to protect the motor from seizing.

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