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PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer

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The Turbo Air Fryer is PowerXL's extra-large 10-quart air fryer with cook-and-look technology. The Turbo Air Fryer's innovative design lets you cook over 80% more food than traditional air fryers. The 10-quart capacity means you can even air fry 36 sizzling sliders at once. Unlike other air fryers, the cook and look design lets you watch your food roast, sizzle, and rise.

The secret is the extra-large fan with angled blades that rotates at 3700 RPMs, creating a whirlwind of turbo air. As this high-speed air passes through the revolutionary heating element, it creates a superheated environment that fries your food. This is an air fryer, rotisserie, convection oven, popcorn maker, and dehydrator all in one. You can cook from frozen to crispy delicious in less than ten minutes. It’s also a pro-grade dehydrator.


  • Rotisserie Spit & Holder
  • Rotating Fry Basket
  • 3 Stainless Steel Stacking Racks
  • Eric’s Copycat Recipe Book


  • Rotisserie Spit & Holder
  • Rotating Fry Basket
  • 3 Stainless Steel Stacking Racks
  • Eric’s Copycat Recipe Book
  • Stainless Steel Air Flow Mesh Basket
  • 8 Skewers
  • No-Flip Steak & Seafood Basket
More Information
Model CL-002
Capacity 10 qt. (577 cubic inches)
Preprogrammed Settings 6: French Fry, Roast, Fish, Chicken, Bake, Dehydrate
Power 1700W
Min/Max Temperature 120° F–400° F
Panel Type LED Touch Screen
Dishwasher-Safe Parts Yes
Product Dimensions 16” x 12.5” x 15”

What is the capacity?
The PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer features a huge 10-quart capacity, which is large enough to fit a 14-pound turkey, 36 sliders, or an entire pork crown roast.

What is the wattage (power)?
1700 watts.

Can I adjust cooking time manually?
Yes! You can manually program the PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer to your chosen time and temperature. Alternatively, the Turbo Air Fryer has 6 one-touch pre-set functions: French Fries, Fish, Chicken, Bake, Roast, and Dehydrate.

Can I rotisserie in the PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer?
Yes! The PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer includes a rotisserie attachment for easy use with any of the pre-set cooking functions. An additional rotisserie accessory set is included.

What can the PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer do?
With the PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer, you can air fry, rotisserie, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, and more.

Is the PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer dishwasher safe?
All the PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer accessories are dishwasher safe. Clean-up is a breeze!

Do I have to use oil?
It is not necessary to use oil to air fry. The PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer cooks food with super-heated air instead of oil. You may spray or coat your food with oil as desired for added flavor. Do not pour oil directly into the unit.

What is the time frame for the Money Back Guarantee?
The PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer is covered by a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Some instruction manuals may state we offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, but this is incorrect. We apologize for the misprint.

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